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    Evaporation and crystallization equipment utilization is not an important reason for the high
    Published : 2015-03-13  Browse :
    Evaporation and crystallization equipment market status quo
    With the development of society, the sudden increase in Chinese chemical companies. The formation of large and small chemical machinery and equipment production company. Vicious competition, resulting in, simply production, regardless of the level of utilization of the problem.
    Machinery enterprises have long battle equipment, engage in large and small but caused occupancy evaporative crystallization device without paying for it is the evaporative crystallizer equipment utilization is not an important reason for the high one. Solution to the utilization of a lot, but the most important thing is to increase the possession of fixed assets tax. Occupancy tax levy fixed assets and promoting the role of fixed capital, with further improvement tax reform, fixed assets occupancy tax as a new tax levied is an obvious sign. Business manager, holds the core of the company, the manager of the chemical industry to raise awareness and pursuit. Thus the development, improvement, manufacture higher utilization evaporation and crystallization equipment.
    how to increase equipment utilization
    In order to encourage enterprises to pay attention management evaporative crystallizer equipment investment should be allowed in the case of countries without additional investment in fixed assets can also be added, fixed assets increased indicate material and technical base enhancement. Play a major role here is to business leaders, then evaporative crystallizer equipment sector, therefore, to enable businesses who have evaporative crystallizer equipment fixed assets increased, the main decision-makers and should be rewarded. Countries to accelerate the pace of technological transformation of enterprises, requiring new fixed assets delivered as soon as possible, have delivered this usage statistics (1982 74.4%). For businesses, the renovation of the effectiveness of evaporative crystallization can be largely fixed assets, equipment net growth (net rate of change) to represent, can also be used with the original value of the net change in the ratio of cases to represent the year.
    Improve equipment utilization, not only can extract the amount of crystalline products has improved, while also saving the subsequent processing by-products and waste handling. For saving the cash flow of the business have any harm.
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